2016-17 Maranacook Adult Education High School Graduates

I am so proud of all of our students who earned their high school diploma and HiSET during the 2016-17 school year. All of these individuals worked very hard to achieve their dream and should be an inspiration to others who would also like to earn their high school completion credentials. All of these students shared a common drive to succeed and achieved their goals by being focused, motivated and never quitting. Here at Maranacook Adult Education, every student who enters our high school diploma program WILL succeed, as long as they are willing to commit to our program of study by attending class regularly and always being present mentally as well as physically.

2017-18 promises to be yet another successful academic year. Already we have 6 students enrolled in our high school diploma and HiSET program. Throughout the year, these individuals will work with our mathematics, reading and writing tutors to develop and refine their skills so that they can successfully pass the HiSET examination. We are very proud to announce that our success rate on students taking and passing the HiSET exam on first attempt is almost 100%. This impressive rate of success is due to the high quality of our instructional staff and the innate drive within our students to succeed.

*To register for classes or programs please visit our website: maranacook.maineadulted.org or call us at

685-4923, ext. 1065.

Steve Vose, Adult Ed Director