PD Certificate

Seven teachers in Maranacook Area Schools completed a PD Certificate to earn credits toward recertification!  Unique to schools in the state, Maranacook offers teachers a way to document learning and encourages teachers to practice what they are learning in their classrooms.

Carolyn Watkins, third grade teacher at Mt. Vernon Elementary School, completed a project on Close Reading.  She combined workshops and a course to create her PD Certificate project.  She was able to practice what she was learning with her students and reflect on the changes she was making.

Sarah Caban, district math coach, led a group of teachers through PD Certificate process.  The project, “K-12 Collaborative Reseach Project: Learning Progressions” focused on learning the NCTM teaching practices.  The group was comprised of high school, middle school, elementary school and special education teachers.  They met once a month to work on a complex math problem, then they would all take the problem back to their classrooms to have students solve–even though their students were in different grades.  The teachers would reflect on their learning and experiences by blogging and using Twitter to connect not only to each other but to experts in the field of math!  The group presented at two national math conferences this spring in Texas! Completing a PD Certificate with Sarah were Aimee Reiter (MS teacher), Susan Perry (MS Special Education teacher), Susan Hogan (4/5 teacher at Wayne Elementary School), Abby Shink (Math Intervention Teacher at Wayne Elementary School and Mt Vernon Elementary School), and Jamie Kravetz (2/3 Teacher at Wayne Elementary School).

To earn a PD Certificate, teachers need to document a total of 75 hours in a focused area of study.  30 hours of the work can be done in the classroom during the school day.  At the end of their project, teachers submit a portfolio which includes a review of literature, and a log of date, hours, activities and key learnings.  Also required is a presentation to an outside group.  Often teachers present their projects at staff meetings or at a professional conference.