School Spirit Challenge

Maranacook Community Schools participated in the WGME, Fox 23 School Spirit Challenge this winter and it was an amazing experience!  Through donations of food and money from students, parents, and local businesses, we as a community raised 91,585.70 pounds!!!!!!  We had fundraisers going at the high school, middle school and even our elementary schools!

The morning of the rally was really special.  We began the day very early with buses picking up MS and HS students starting at 5 am! At 5:45 we enjoyed a spectacular fireworks display donated by Central Maine Pyrotechnics.  The celebration of community and school continued with live coverage with Jeff Peterson from WGME, Fox 23 TV.  Here are some links from the event:

Maranacook 615

Maranacook 645

Maranacook 715

Maranacook 745

The competition ended with a strong 2nd Place finish for Maranacook!  We are very proud to have been a part of the work to end hunger in Maine and support the Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine as well as our local food banks!

2nd Place


School Spirit2

We would like to thank some of our local businesses for their support of the School Spirit Challenge.

Charlies CMC G&E Mulligans Scotts


Also, a special thanks to the Red Barn for a delicious and successful fundraising event on Wednesday, February 24th.  They shared 50% of the profits and along with donations, we were able to raise over 17,500 pounds!TheRedBarn-297x300