Budget Update #3 – 3/11/2019

March 11, 2019

Budget Update #3 – RSU #38 School Board Budget Meetings, February 27 and March 6, 2019

“Promoting student success in all areas, as we strive for academic excellence while maintaining fiscal responsibility.”

The February 27 and March 6, 2019 RSU #38 Budget Meetings completed the presentations of department budgets.

On February 27th, Shaun Drinkwater, Director of Operations, Maintenance and Transportation presented the proposal for the FY 20 Maintenance Budget. This budget includes increased staffing for building custodial work (6- month position) during the school year, and supplies, and equipment needed to maintain our buildings and grounds. See 20 Maintenance.Position, 20 Maintenance Projects, and 20 Maintenance Equipment.

On March 6th, the Co- and Extra Curricular budget was presented by Brant Remington, Maranacook’s newly appointed Director of Student Services. Mr. Remington’s budget includes a request to fill a Student Advisory Advisor position. This position currently exists in the teachers’ negotiated agreement but has not been filled for a couple years. Other staffing requests for the Middle School include 2 assistant coach positions for the Cross Country and Nordic Ski programs. There is also a request for a new High School Robotics Program. The final request in the Co- and Extra-Curricular budget is to develop a uniform replacement rotation program for teams at the Middle and High Schools. This program would have a rotation for teams to be provided with new uniforms every 5 years. For more information on these requests please see 20 MS student advisory, 20 MS Cross Country Asst Coach, 20 MS Nordic Asst Coach, 20 HS Robotics, and 20 MSHS Extra Curricular Athletics Uniforms.

Finance Manager Brigette Williams reviewed the Transportation Department budget which includes the purchase of 2 school buses. No budget handout was provided since there are no recommended staffing changes. The District was awarded a grant through the Volkswagen Settlement Agreement, where 80% of the costs of the buses will be paid by the VW Settlement Fund. The District’s share for these buses is $58,000.00 total which includes 20% of the purchase price and radios and cameras for each bus. There will be no lease/purchase for these buses and the budget will be going down by $53,000 due to the retirement of two leases. See 20 Transportation VW Bus Purchase. A vehicle inventory was also distributed MCS Bus Inventory.

Director of Adult and Community Education Steve Vose presented the 20 Adult Ed Budget, which is a separate warrant article and is not included in the expenditure budget. It is, however, included on the revenue sheets. The proposed Adult Education budget includes a request to expand the CDL program to high school students. This would allow up to 4 high school students to take the course and, after completion, earn a state class B truck driving certificate and one high school credit (20 Program.Adult Ed HS CDL).

The 20 Food Service Budget describes the local funding for the food service program for FY20. The local funding remains the same as last year.

Health Center Director Rebecca Reynolds presented the 20 Health Center Budget. The budget includes a request for an additional $7,000, with the goal to budget this amount for the next 5 years, which would be the equivalent of one year of State of Maine grant funding in case the grant is no longer available (20 Health Center Additional Local).

Nancy Harriman, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment reported on the FY20 proposed budgets for Professional Development, Curriculum, and Assessment. No handouts were provided since there are no additional requests in these budget areas. Budget increases are primarily due to salaries and benefits that are covered under the negotiated agreement.

The Board was also provided with a listing of the RSU #38 Debt and Equipment Lease/Purchases. There are 4 items due to be paid off in FY20, (see 20 Debt.Leases.Bonds). This listing does not include the first interest payment that will be due during the FY20 budget year for the Facilities Bond that was approved by voters in January.

Following the final department presentations on the budget, the first draft of the General Fund Summary Budget, dated March 6, 2019 was distributed. The budget, as presented, represents a $1,572,502.54, or 8.78% increase over FY19. Also reviewed was a Summary of Budget Changes from 2019-2020. See 20 Summary Budget 3.6.19, And 20 Summary Budget Changes First Draft.

The next scheduled budget meeting will be on March 13, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. in the Student Center at Maranacook Community High School. Area Select Boards have been invited to attend this meeting to give input on the FY20 School Budget. There will also be an opportunity for citizen comment on the budget during this meeting. Please make every effort to attend. Your input is important during the budget development process.


Jay Charette
Superintendent of Schools