FY 17 Budget Documents

RSU #38 Maranacook Area School District
FY 17 Budget Documents

FY17 Budget Workshop Videos

Budget Overview

Budget Update 1 – 01/20/16
Budget Update 2 – 02/03/16
Budget Update 3 – 02/24/16
Budget Update 4 – 03/02/16
Budget Update 5 – 03/16/16
Budget Update 6 – 03/23/16
Budget Update 7 – 04/04/16
Budget Update 8- 04/13/16
Budget Update 9 – 05/18/16
General Fund School Summary Budget 01/20/16
General Fund Summary Budget, Original Request #2
Version 1 Draft of the FY17 General Fund School Summary Budget
Version 2 General Fund Budget 03/16/16
General Fund Summary Budget Version 3 04/06/16

Informational Items

Projected Fuel Purchases
Electricity Expense
Bus Inventory
Debt and Equipment Lease Purchases
RSU 38 2016 Legislative Delegation
2016-2017 Budget Progression
Budget Priorities
Local Dollar Calculation
Maintenance Projects
Summary Budget Changes 03/02/16
Version 2 Local Dollar Calculation 03/16/16
Summary Budget Changes 03/16/16
Local Dollar Calculation 04/06/16

Budget Graphs/Tables

Budget Subsidy History
Budget Distribution Graphs
State Valuation Yearly Comparison

Department Level Budgets

Manchester Elementary School 01/20/16
Mt. Vernon Elementary School 01/20/16
Readfield Elementary School 01/20/16
Wayne Elementary School 01/20/16

Maranacook Community Middle School 01/20/16
Maranacook Community High School 01/20/16
Technology Budget 02/03/16
Special Education Budget 02/03/16
Gifted and Talented Budget 02/03/16
English Language Learners Budget 02/03/16
Transportation Budget 02/24/16
Systems Administration Summary Budget 02/24/16
MS HS Co & Extra Curricular Summary Budget 02/24/16
Maintenance Summary Budget 02/24/16
Health Center Budget 02/24/16
Food Service Budget 02/24/16
District Professional Development Budget 02/24/16
District Curriculum Summary Budget 02/24/16
District Assessment Budget 02/24/16
Debt Service and Lease Purchase Budget 02/24/16
Adult Education Budget 02/24/16
Other Regular Education Services 02/24/16
Adult Ed Budget(revised) 04/06/16


Enrollment History

New Requests

Elementary Nurse Request
WES Literacy Specialist Request
WES Curriculum Supplies Books Request
RES Curriculum Supplies Books Request
PreK ET II Request
MTV Curriculum Supplies Books Request
MTV Behavior ET III Request
MS Wellness Center Admin Asst Request
MS Office Coordinator Request
MS After School Offerings Request
MES Curriculum Supplies Books Request
HS Tech Ed Equip Request
HS Literacy Interventionist Request
Summary of Budget Requests 02/03/16
Transportation Purchase Request
Maintenance Equipment Request
New Staff Requests 03/02/16


Revenue Summary 02/03/16
Version 1 Revenue Summary 03/02/16
Version 2 Draft Budget Revenue Sheet 03/16/16
Version 3 Draft Budget Revenue Sheet 04/06/16

Board of Directors 2015-2016

Melissa O’Neal, Vice Chair
Bonnie Simcock
Terri Watson, Chair
Pia Holmes
Mt. Vernon
Michele Pino
Trish Jackson
(one open position)
Stephen Hayes
Betty Morrell
Shawn Roderick
Jim Marr
Gary Carr
Joan Farrar