Educational Technology

An Acceptable Use Policy has been established to ensure the appropriate use of all electronic informational systems by every  student and employee in the district. All students and teachers in grades 6-12 have a school issued device. Teachers have Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI) MacBook Air and an iPad Mini, students have an iPad. MLTI provides the devices for grades 7-8 and the rest are purchased with local dollars. A non-refundable annual use fee of $30 must be paid by all students grades 6-12 that are issued a device. This fee covers the cost of repairs not covered by the warranty with the exception of negligence, which will be determined by the principal. All teachers also have the option of paying the $20 user fee in the event the device needs repairs, is lost or stolen.

In order for a student to use the internet and also to have information posted on the web, the Media Release form must be signed and submitted.

Read the Technology Plan.

The Maranacook Area Schools employs a District Technology Director, a full time Information Technology Manager for Maranacook Community School, Computer Education technicians for Maranacook, Wayne, Readfield, and Manchester, and Technology Integration Specialists for Maranacook Middle School and high school. We also have a Technology Support Technician for the district.

Many teachers have classrooms websites. Visit the school home page and click on the links on the left side for each class or program.
We teach all students in grades 3-12 about internet safety using a program called Netsmartz.

A state approved technology plan is in place that assists the district in the planning and implementation of educational technologies in the classroom setting. Read our Technology Vision Statement.

Maranacook Community Middle School and Maranacook Community High School has a one to one computer program. Each student in grades 6-12 has an iPad for use in school and at  home.
We use a First Class email system for teachers to enhance communication.
We use School Messenger Alert System to notify parents and staff of school closings, important announcements or meetings. The system is also able to alert parents when students are absent or when they owe lunch money. We have also started to utilize the tools available to us through Social Media with this system. We now post short messages to SMS text messages, Facebook, and Twitter. Each school Readfield Elementary School, Mount Vernon Elementary School, Wayne Elementary School, Manchester Elementary School, Maranacook Community Middle School has an ethernet network and also have T1 lines connecting their schools to provide high speed Internet access. All of our schools also have wireless technology in place.
Each school Readfield Elementary School, Mount Vernon Elementary School, Wayne Elementary School, Manchester Elementary School, Maranacook Community Middle School, and Maranacook Community School have websites with current information.
We use a district wide Student Information System called Powerschool.