Game Wardens Visit FCS!

On Monday, March 28th, students at Fayette Central School had two visitors from the Maine Game Warden Service.  Warden Ethan Buuck and Warden Kris MacCabe visited the school for Morning Meeting and let students know about different services provided and equipment used by the warden service.  They told stories of saving people in the woods or water and educated students on what to do if they are lost.  Warden Buuck let students know he was part of the dive team and what part he plays in saving people’s lives.  He told students what to do if they fall in cold water. Warden MacCabe explained what he does on the search and rescue team.  The search and rescue team uses dogs to find people.  Some dogs can even help find people in water.  Students also learned what they need to do to become a Game Warden.  Fayette Central School may graduate a future Maine Game Warden.

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