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PrincipalDear Reader,

I enthusiastically accepted the position of Principal at Fayette Central School. As a former energetic and thoughtful teacher and head teacher, I continue to be sincerely interested in continuing my growth as an educator in an administrative role. I have been afforded a wealth of educational and growth opportunities as head teacher and wish to support staff toward or to maintain excellence when leading students to success. I wish to share my enthusiasm and willingness to learn and grow with staff, students, parents, and community members within a Proficiency Based Education system. My skills of multitasking and handling challenges with passion will serve me well in this important position.

As principal I will continue to learn about and understand the development of students in addition to adults in order to meet their daily needs; academically and socially. I never shy away from an opportunity to gain knowledge or make improvements in any situation and will continue to do so in this administrative role. Actually, I thrive on new learning and challenges, approaching both with passion, coupled with the mindset of “what needs to be done in order to make this fit with the academic and social needs of staff and students?”

I have an ambition to lead and inspire staff to take risks in making improvements with instruction, school community and culture with the understanding of closing the achievement gap for students. A growth mindset is a powerful mechanism when working with staff to help students acquire 21st century skills. In my tenure as head teacher I have been able to form trusting relationships with colleagues who feel comfortable coming to me with questions and concerns for the betterment of students and school climate. It will be my duty to effectively communicate and collaborate with staff, superiors, families, and community members face-to-face as well as through technology as principal. I will do so by accessing technology and social media to bring the school into the 21st century.

Transparency is key so that my thoughts, feelings, and motives are easy to perceive. Effective management skills are juggling the happenings of the school with responsible attention to the large items before the medium items, and the medium items before the small. These items are outlined by the school’s policies and teaching practices.

My experience covers the gamut from CNA, Substitute, Educational Technician in general and special education, classroom teacher, and head teacher. I am very excited to be starting a new book in my professional career as Principal of Fayette Central School. I live in Farmington with my husband of 21 years, son (high school senior) and daughter (6th Grade). During the summer we enjoy canoeing, fishing, camping and exploring the Maine woods together.

In conclusion, I have confidence that you will see I have many qualities and goals that enable me to respectfully join an environment where staff, students, parents, and community members feel safe, significant, and engaged while learning and growing to their full potential or supporting the students of Fayette Central School. I will maintain a sense of humor that is appropriate with time and place with stakeholders to ensure a respectful and happy school environment where everyone feels valued and able to take academic risks.


Tara J. Blue
Fayette Central School

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