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    School Spirit Challenge!

    Maranacook Community Schools participated in the WGME, Fox 23 School Spirit Challenge this winter and it was an amazing experience!  Through donations of food and money from...

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    Healthy Decisions Day at MCMS

    Students listened and took part in presentations from law enforcement and health professionals during Healthy Decisions Day. BY JASON PAFUNDISTAFF WRITER READFIELD — Skyeler Webb said she learned...

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    Maranacook Advisor/Advisee Program!

    The advisor program, the foundation of Maranacook Community School, brings together a diverse group of students with a caring adult. Advisors support the social, emotional, and academic...

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    MS GT Students Host Math Museum!

    On Monday, November 23, 2015, GT math students from the district’s elementary schools were the guests of the GT math students at Maranacook Middle School for a...

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    Weather at Your School

    Moose Island students are learning about global and local extreme weather conditions as part of their Trimester 2 unit “Full Force Nature”.  As an anchor to their...

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    Acadia Team Hosts Naturalization Ceremony

    On Friday, November 6th the Acadia Team and its teachers were honored to host a ceremony for 31 people wanting to become United States citizens.  The United...

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    Students at MCMS Make a Difference!

    Over 1000 items of food and supplies were collected by MCMS middle school students and donated to the Readfield and Mt. Vernon food banks.  The 7th graders...

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    Students present at Senior Cafe!

    Naeema O’Rourke, with the help of Ella Trefethen and Ruth Brosey, recently did a presentation at the Senior Cafe on Growing up in Indonesia. Naeema was born...

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    Solar Tube!

    This picture is of a first day of school Acadia team activity.  It is the launching of a solar tube.  The metaphor is of the rising of...

Welcome to Maranacook Community Middle School! 

RSU #38 Budget Validation Referendum Vote –

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Budget Validation Referendum at individual town’s polling locations.

Health Message about Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

Several students in our school district have been diagnosed with Pertussis, also known as whooping cough. This disease is spread from person to person through coughing and sneezing. Most children are vaccinated against Pertussis, but it is still possible for vaccinated children, and adults, to get sick. Babies are at most risk of serious illness. 

The first signs of this disease are similar to a cold, but after one or two weeks of illness the cough gets worse, especially at night. Coughing fits may lead to vomiting. Young children often make a high-pitched "whooping" sound when breathing in during these coughing episodes, but this is less common in teens and adults.

Please read this Pertussis Fact Sheet for more information.

5th Grade Transition Information

Please visit our 5th Grade Transition Information Page to get all the details and dates for upcoming transition events!

RSU #38 Budget Schedule

Here is the FY17 RSU 38 budget schedule. Please visit the budget section of our website for up-to-date information http://www.maranacook.org/budget.

Online Payment Center Now Available For Student Activity Payments

logo_smallSTARTING: NOVEMBER 15, 2015  For a small transaction fee, you can now have the convenience of paying student fees through an online account. For more information, please visit http://www.maranacook.org/andropay/

5 Ways to Stop Cyberbullies

Cyberbullying is something most families hope they never have to deal with. But if your kids are texting, sharing photos, and posting comments, it’s important to talk to them about how to deal with online harassment. Learn 5 ways to stop cyberbullies.  https://www.commonsensemedia.org/videos/5-ways-to-stop-cyberbullies-0
 For more information on internet safety please visit our Internet Safety page!

PowerSchool Upgrade

Parents & Students--don't forget to make your new account in PowerSchool! With the PowerSchool Upgrade OLD ACCOUNTS WON'T WORK!

We have exciting new changes in PowerSchool! Now parents can create their own usernames and passwords in PowerSchool to access their children's accounts AND have only one account for access to multiple children!   Here are the directions on how to set up your account. Directions for Parent Account Setup  Students can set up their own accounts using these directions.

Please review our school handbook:

MCMS Student Handbook 2016

Co-Curricular Information

*In order to participate in any co-curricular activity, student needs:

1. Co-curricular Contract & Emergency Card
(from the cocurricular handbook - handbooks are in the office)

2. Current physical on file in the MCMS Wellness Center
( physicals are good for 2 years from the date of the physical)

3. $50 Activity Fee payable to MCS Athletics
(please write player's name & activity in the comment section of your check)

4. Proof of accident insurance.
(AIG student accident insurance plans info available in the office if you don't have insurance)

5. Be in good academic standing.

Notice to Parents and Community Members

In an effort to continue to help us all work together for the purpose of guiding our middle school students in being safe, responsible and respectful citizens, starting in January, we are going to be putting up facts and statistics about substance use/abuse on our middle school website. We are hoping that this information will help you open up some good conversations with your students around this issue.

Educate Our Children

There is a growing misunderstanding by youth that substances such as marijuana, using e-cigarettes and vaping are low risk activities.

"Less Harmful" does not mean "Without Harm".   

Marijuana has significant impact on the developing adolescent brain and body as whole that can have long term effects.

  • Brain: Marijuana, particularly in the undeveloped brains of adolescents,       causes problems with learning, memory, problem solving, depth perception and loss of coordination.      
  • Dental: Increased risk of gum disease
  • Lungs: Marijuana smoke often is inhaled longer than cigarette smoke and produces airway injury, acute and chronic bronchitis, lung inflammation, and decreased pulmonary defenses against infection.
  • Heart: Heart rate and blood pressure increases.
  • Reproductive Organs: Males - decrease in testosterone and sperm count. Females - affects menstrual cycles.
  • Withdrawal: May include increased irritability, aggression and anxiety; anorexia, restlessness, insomnia, muscle tremors. Find resources and information here. 


red shirtVicky’s Boutique began in the middle school many years ago and now looks just like a proper shop, with custom-built clothes racks and a dressing room. We wash and dry all donations. You are welcome to visit any time.

Students have come to depend on Vicky's Boutique and it is visited several times a day. If students love the clothing or shoes they find, they may keep them. Most items are not returned, so we’re always in need of more donations.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

• Long-sleeved and short-sleeved tee shirts
• Sweatshirts
• Jeans, sweatpants, leggings
• Gym shorts, socks, underwear
• Sneakers, boots, sandals, belts
• Winter coats, gloves, hats

You may drop off clothing donations in the middle school front office. We are also grateful for any cash donations to help with the purchase of shoe laces, shoe liners, underwear, etc. Thank you.

Reminder on Dropping off and/or Picking up students:

Parents dropping off or picking up students at Maranacook Community High School or Middle School are reminded that they should not enter the circle in front
of the schools between 7:30 and 8:00 AM and between 2:15 and 3:00 PM so that our buses can load and unload students and proceed with their routes. Thank you.

NELMS Spotlight School Assembly

On Friday, February 13th, MCMS took part in a school-wide assembly to celebrate the renewal of our Spotlight School Status by the New England League of Middle Schools. A guest representative from NELMS addressed the entire population and shared the reasons why we were recognized. Mr. Scarpone emceed the event and students and staff took part in some games that included both toilet paper and shaving cream! Above is the slideshow Mr. Scarpone shared and below is a video that the iTeam put together that showcases the characteristics of a NELMS Spotlight School. Congrats MCMS!

Spotlight School Presentation

Check out our Video!

Homework Help Sessions

1. Need teacher referral.
2. Need parent permission with arrangement for 4:30 pick up.
3. Student signs up in the Media Center by 1 PM on the day of the session .
*Homework Help is available most Tue's & Wed's from 2:30-4:30.
*Parents who need to reach their child during Homework Help Session may do so by calling the Media Center at 685-3128, ext. 1164


Students are assigned a bus number at the start of the school year based on their home address. Bus seating is at capacity.
Bus passes (to ride a different bus) are only given out for emergency reasons (such as daycare) and require Parent & Transportation Office permission.

Students are not allowed to call home to make "After School Plans" - students are expected to bring "after school plan" notes to the office in the morning when they arrive at school.

Philosophy & Mission


In order for adolescents to become caring, informed, and involved citizens, they must learn ways to: earn and show respect, develop a sense of belonging, and build a sense of personal self worth. Adolescents must also be able to solve complex problems, use technical and analytical skills, adapt to rapid changes in society, and live respectfully in an increasingly diverse culture.


The Maranacook Community Middle School will guide students to make responsible decisions and develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding which will transition them to a successful life course.

The Maranacook Community Middle School Program will support this mission by:

* offering challenging, integrated curricula that build on the basic skills needed to succeed in every day life.
* using a variety of teaching and learning approaches that meet the individual learning needs of each student.
* assessing student performance in ways that promote self-reflection and learning.
* providing for maximum flexibility in how learning opportunities are organized.
* creating policies and curricula that foster health, wellness, and safety.
*providing comprehensive guidance and support services for all students.