MCMS World Language Teachers at FLAME!

Synopsis of the Middle School Foreign Language teachers’ participation in our annual FLAME conference, Thursday and Friday, March 8 and 9

Jorgeanne, Emma and Anne all attended and presented at the annual FLAME (Foreign Language Association of Maine) Conference. We were proud to represent Maranacook Middle School at this forward-thinking summit.

Theme: The theme of this year’s conference was STEAM. Thursday evening our keynote speakers were Gisela Hoecherl Alden and Sue Griffin, both of Boston University.

Keynote 2018 Theme: Full STE(A)M ahead! Integrating Science and Technology into the World Language Program
Gisela Hoecherl-Alden is Professor of German, Director of Language Instruction, and Assistant Dean at Boston University. In her administrative role, she works with all four language departments on issues of standards-based curriculum design and outcomes assessment. Reacting to the recent influx of STEM majors to the university, she designed a course entitled Culture and Science for the German curriculum, which trains students to talk about their majors to others who are not in their field and prepares Science and Engineering majors for internships in Germany.
Sue Griffin is Senior Lecturer, Master Level, in Spanish at Boston University. She actively participates in the training of French and Spanish Ph.D. students who teach in the foreign language program and has been instrumental in helping redesign the Spanish language requirement so as to cater to students studying outside the humanities.

Kinesthetic Learning in the FL Classroom
Presenters: Anne Archambault, Jorgeanne Barley and Emma Mohney Maranacook Community Middle School

Are you looking for a new ideas to engage all learners and capture the attention of your kinesthetic learners in your classrooms? You will walk away with dozens of techniques and ideas you can use in your classroom tomorrow. See brain scans and the latest research on whole-brain learning. Come join the fun using everything from parachutes to hula-hoops to give the kinesthetic learners what they need and everyone else what they want in your active classroom!

Broaden Your Perspective on Romance Languages by Understanding the Difference Between Portuguese and Spanish
Presenter: Jorgeanne Barley
Maranacook Community Middle School

With the recent influx of Portuguese-speaking ELL students in Maine, especially from Angola and Brazil, this is the perfect opportunity to compare and contrast Spanish and Portuguese and broaden our understanding of the similarities and differences. Finish the session with a Brazilian dance to energize your day.

Teachers, Students and Stress Relief
Presenter: Anne Archambault
Maranacook Community Middle School

Twenty-first century life can be a recipe for stress, which doctors say is the root of 85% of PCP visits. It contributes to illnesses, anxiety and depression. Come learn many practical and beneficial strategies which you can use in your classroom tomorrow or (Bonus: anywhere else). Many exercises can be done in under two minutes. For example, we will learn tricks to get both hemispheres of the brain to “speak to each other” for greater recall and alleviating presentation or test stress. The bonus is that everything we’ll discuss works at home too! We can even customize many of them to be done in our target language. Plan to leave refreshed and smiling with a sense of well-being that will last all day.

Our sessions were well attended and many participants asked for more information, which we have sent to FLAME to be shared with all members in Maine.

For further information please click this link for the full brochure and presentations.