Sculpture Symposium

Report on the Sculpture Symposium Trip on October 5, 2016

The exploration of contemporary sculpture is something that is annually a part of our curriculum in Intro to Art and Sculpture. On Wednesday, October 5th of this year, HS art students from the courses taught by art teachers Tom Ferrero and Jeremy Smith attended the third annual Sculpture Symposium at Viles Arboretum in Augusta, Maine.  During this trip, twenty-three Maranacook students used stone carving tools for 3 hours and met with 12 nationally-recognized sculptors from Maine and Vermont.  It was extremely vital to the students who attended to have time to visually connect with the natural world they experienced at the Arboretum. Students met with the sculptors as they worked on their large pieces formed in granite, quartzite and other types of materials. It is the hope of Mr. Ferrero and Mr. Smith that the Maranacook HS Art Department will continue these efforts and include the Sculpture Symposium experience as a part of the school’s annual curricula.  The experience of both making personal artwork and viewing the energetic work of professional sculptors last week was unforgettable for many of our students!  Maranacook’s art department and students would like to thank the Maine Arts Commission for providing funding for the symposium and our transportation costs!  We also would like to thank the Viles Arboretum Executive Director, Mark DesMeules, for working to organize the event and for touring us through the arboretum grounds.  Lastly, we would like to thank Anne Alexander for her knowledge and expertise of working in stone that was shared with students on the trip.  In the near future, we hope to display some of the pieces in the high school for others to see.  Thanks for all the members of our school community who supported this fantastic event!

More info on the Symposium in the KJonline article can be found here:

Jeremy Smith
Art Teacher
Class of 2018 Advisor
Maranacook Community High School

Captions for photos:
1. Tom Ferrero (teacher); Dante Cuares; Isabel Kelley (symposium sculptor putting her hat back on while talking to Tom); Tom is shown speaking to Isabel about the methods she uses to carve her work in granite.

2. Anne Alexander (teaching artist); Ryan Smith (in hood behind Anne); Lily Melanson; Anne is demonstrating how she works in Alabaster for students before they get to the work area.

3. Camille Kavanah; Camille is shown working on her alabaster sculpture outside

4. Konrad Olsen; Jeremy Smith (teacher); Anne Alexander (teaching artist) All are pictured here at the sculpture symposium sharing on Saturday