Speech & Debate Extravaganza!

On Monday, March 19th, the high school’s Speech and Debate team held a debate extravaganza during Focus Time for all staff and student to enjoy.

During the first focus time, Junior and Senior classes to witnessed a Jedi mind trick the likes of which has never before been witnessed (with Mr. Babbitt and Mr. Fecteau):as the square off on the resolution:

Resolved:  The Jedi are evil.

During second focus time, we would like to invite the Freshman and Sophomore classes to witnessed an epic battle between Mr. Fecteau and Mr. Babbitt

Resolved:  Pluto IS a planet.

The moderator was the one and only high school senior and Speech and Debate extraordinaire, Tyler Dunn. This was a lot of fun, thank you to Mr. Forgue and the entire Speech and Debate Team for putting on this amazing event!