Cocurricular Activities & Special Events at Maranacook

Maranacook considers co-curricular programs to be an important part of our students’ education. Lessons learned through participation in these activities are just as valuable as those learned in the classroom, and they will stay with students throughout their lives. Interested students should obtain a copy of the Co-Curricular Handbook, which includes a Home-School Contract, as well as a copy of the Co-Curricular Driving Contract if they wish to drive to off-campus activities.

Cathy Stratton, ABS President 
The Awesome Bear Society is Maranacook’s booster organization. Its aim is to support, enhance, encourage, and advance the co-curricular activities of Maranacook Community Schools, including fundraising and student awards. The ABS has been busy raising money through concession stands at sporting and academic events, membership donations and community donations. Please support the Awesome Bear Society with a donation of time or money! If you have a student who participates in a co-curricular activity and want to represent the parents of that group at the Awesome Bear Society Governing Board meeting, please contact Cathy Stratton. Click here for additional information.

Anne Archambault, Coordinator (x 1006,
GAPP, Inc. is an exchange program between the U.S. and the Federal Republic of Germany designed to inspire international understanding, promote German language instruction, and motivate personal friendship. Its foundation is a partnership between an American high school and a German secondary school. Maranacook’s GAPP program has been active since 1977. We partner with our sister school Wilhelm-Wagenfeld Schule in Bremen. Each school makes a 3-week visit every other year.
See the GAPP Organization Web page!

Paula Weisberger, Coordinator x1079
The National Honor Society is a community service organization that carries out services for our school such as blood drives, Academic Awards night, Penny Wars, etc. Students are chosen by a faculty committee on the basis of leadership, scholarship, community service and character.


Drew Albert (music), x1054;, Linda Phillips (art), x1057;, Jeff Stockford (IA), x1072
Each May, our talented students invite the community to view their artistic creations in a wonderful evening program of music, art, industrial arts, and literary production (Tingley Brook), topped off by fabulous desserts prepared and sold by foreign language students. This is one of Maranacook’s greatest events, and somehow, it gets better every year.

CC.speech&d   SPEECH & DEBATE
Amy Trunnell, Coach
The Speech & Debate Team enables students to develop public and persuasive speaking skills, which are valuable tools in everyday life. Coach Amy Trunnell has helped many students qualify for Debate Nationals in previous years. The team meets on one evening per week.

Cheryl Marvinney and Robyn Graziano
“The student government of Maranacook Community High School exists in order to improve life in the school community representing student concerns. Through this government students participate in the development of school policy and the management of school activities. The student government provides Maranacook students with an opportunity to develop the skills of leadership and citizenship.” The Senate meets regularly throughout the school year, and always welcomes motivated new members.

Kristen Levesque   ext 1040
Teen Issues is an incredible, annual two-day event at Maranacook that aims to broaden students’ awareness of personal and social issues – and to have fun! Presenters come from all over to share their knowledge and skills. A core group of dedicated students work with Ms. Stanton throughout the year to organize this event.
Teen Issues Highlights

CC.dramamasks THEATER
Drew Albert, Director x1054,
Maranacook is well-known for its outstanding theater program, coordinated by a host of talented and dedicated staff members, consultants, parents, and – of course – the students themselves. We produce a play in the fall and a musical in the spring. Past performances include Fawlty Towers, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Get Smart, Beauty & the Beast, You Can’t Take it With You, Fiddler on the Roof, The Pajama Game and more! Call the Theater Hotline at 685-4923 x1014 for performances and ticket reservations.

Cheryl Marvinney and Robyn Graziano
This yearly event involves a week of friendly class competitions in activities such as minigolf in the hallways, cribbage, costumes, and snowcastles. The Carnival culminates on Friday in an exciting assembly of class competitions. See the Winter Carnival page!