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HS Sports Informational Meeting

There will be a sports informational meeting Sunday, August 13th at 6:00 PM in the high school for anyone interested in the fall programs. Practices begin on August 14th for high school athletics. Contracts will be handed out that evening and need to be signed before participating. Insurance information will need to be provided and a current physical within the past two years needs to be on file in the health center before practicing.

A current physical (within the last 2 years) MUST be on file in the High School Health Center to be able to participate in sports.

Maranacook has an excellent sports program, with dedicated coaches and award-winning teams.

FALL: Football, Boys & Girls Soccer, Co-ed Golf, Field Hockey, Co-ed X-country
WINTER: Co-ed Nordic and Alpine skiing, Boys & Girls Basketball, Boys Ice Hockey
SPRING: Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Co-ed Track & Field, Boys & Girls Lacrosse

The locations of our playing fields is outlined below:




The following must be completed before participating in co-curricular activities at Maranacook High School:

  • A current physical within the past two years and on file in the middle school Health Center.
  • A signed school contract on file in the AD office. The contract can be found in the Co-Curricular Handbook.
  • Proof of insurance on the school contract.
  • Emergency Card completed.

ME 2017-18 Student Insurance

Reminders from the Co-Curricular Handbook

Chain of Command
If any issues arise please go to the coach first. Do not approach the coach before, during or after a game. The next day is the best time to discuss the issue.
The proper chain of command is speak to:
Building Principal

During the week of an eligibility check, the Director of Student Services office will send out a reminder to all advisors to do a grade check. By Wednesday/Thursday the advisors will have had an opportunity to notify ineligible students and their parents/guardians. The penalties will begin that Friday and run until the next eligibility check, which is approximately 10 school days.

Fail 1- practice but no play
Fail 2 or more- no practice and no play.

Any questions about eligibility contact the student’s teacher. The athletic department uses the grades submitted by the teacher.

Need to be in school all day in order to participate. Exceptions are:
Appointment with a health care professional
Observance of a recognized religious holiday
A family emergency
A planned absence for a personal or educational purpose which has been previously approved.


Schedules and cancellations can be found on-line by using Schedule Star or by calling the Sports Line - call the HS phone - when connected dial 5. Information is usually updated within 30 minutes of an event being cancelled.
The Sports line- Usually updated everyday by 9:00 AM: If an event needs to be cancelled, then the Sports line is usually updated by 1:00pm.

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Al MacGregor, Athletic Director
Phone: (207)685-4923 x1045

Jeannine Paradis, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (207)685-4923 x1023

Sports announcement line:
Call the HS phone 685-4923 - when connected - dial 5.