MS GT Students host Math Museum!

On Monday, November 23, 2015, GT math students from the district’s elementary schools were the guests of the GT math students at Maranacook Middle School for a morning of Mathalicious Fun! The middle school math students completed their first unit of study on “The Real Number System,” by creating a Math Museum. Several interactive stations were the outcome of projects designed to appeal to younger math students where they could apply math skills and challenge mathematical thinking using real life applications.

Some of the favorite stations included:

-Earning prizes for completing a budget based on income and expenses selected by the students.

-Enjoying pancakes hot off the griddle as a reward for students who could convert recipe ingredients from standard units to metric units.

-Making a rainbow of colored liquid in a standing cylinder using fractions to assemble the various colors.

Other stations included using a calculator, performing operations, using positive and negative integers, measuring linear distances, and understanding how a coordinate graph is used in computer programming to design animation.

The elementary school GT math students were accompanied by their teachers, Victoria Scott and Jill Worster. Pat Godin teaches GT math for the Middle School students, and coordinated the project and plans for this intra-district field trip. Plans are in the works to do this again later in the spring, perhaps near “Pi Day,” on March 14. Stay tuned for more Mathalicious Fun!

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