Awesome Artwork!



Snowflakes on Tongue

Grade: 4


This project was not only silly and funny, but gave us an opportunity to change our drawing perspective. We started with a circle with a bump on the top for the nose, then added a watermelon slice shape for the mouth, followed by the tongue, teeth, and then simple lines/shapes to make a scarf, body and arms. Then the real fun began! Crazy hair, patterned sweaters/jackets, and snowflakes!

Lesson Learning Target: Experimentation with perspective, shape, and pattern in a fun new way!

Winter Wonderland

Grade: 4

Students were given a large blue paper for the background. Then asked to pick multiple “trees” that were pre-cut green triangles from a box. They could take as little as 2, or up to 5, and were allowed to alter their sizes with scissors, but asked to keep them in the triangular shape. They then arranged them the way they choose on the the blue paper and glued them down. After these steps they needed to develop their winter wonderland scene. Mediums available were crayons, and oil pastel, and white paint. After decorating trees if they wished, and drawing other characters or items in their scene, students painted snow on the bottom. The last step was to paint snowflakes on, or splatter paint! Most students chose to splatter paint ( teacher demonstrated proper procedure), yet many kids went back to class a little decorated! Fun project with great results!

Lesson Learning Target: Working with geometric shape of the triangle, thinking about composition, and learning a new painting technique!

Silly Snow Friends

Grade: Kindergarten


Students were guided step by step on how to draw the basic shape of their snow person using a black crayon. Then they added extra details with other crayons such as : hat, mitten, scarf, arms, eyes, nose, mouth, buttons, etc. When they were finished adding the creative features, they were instructed to take the sparkly blue paint, and paint  AROUND their snow person, but not underneath it. ( teacher demonstrated) the hope is that the background would be sparkly blue and there would be some snow left underneath. While the paint was still wet: students took a white oil pastel and drew snowflakes into the wet paint. We were a little messy, but having a great time!

Lesson Learning Target: practicing drawing basic shapes, following directions, trying a new technique with our art materials!

Thanks, Ms. Blake for some fun art projects!