4th Grade Winter Artwork

The focus of this lesson was to teach the students color mixing, craftsmanship with their paining skills, as well as the terms Tint and Shade. Students helped me define the term Tint: mixing white into a base color to get a lighter value of the base color, and Shade: mixing black into a base color to get a darker value of the base.

They started by painting a moon with plain white, following by mixing the first tint with the lightest variation, and then darker layers until they reach the base color. They then proceed to mix a small amount of black to the base color to make variations of shades that get progressively darker. After painting, the students made varying sizes of trees from black paper,(focusing on symmetry with folded paper cutting) which were glued onto the bottom. The final step was to dab white paint on the branches, as well as the ground. Then with direction and supervision, splatter paint the snow in sky.