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Powerschool is an online, student information system set up for users to view various aspects of student information such as attendance, food service account balances, school bulletin, demographics and current grading for grades 4-12. Every day, attendance is taken in the classroom using Powerschool. Every day, lunch deposits and breakfast/lunch transactions are also done in Powerschool. We are using Powerschool to record all the medical information on a student, all testing, grades, and so much more. Every staff person that uses Powerschool, accesses it through a security group that matches their job description so that they only see information they need to see. It is a very secure and robust system.

We are using Powerschool for all our report cards and transcripts. One of the most exciting aspects of digital records is that they are saved as pdf files so they can be attached and emailed to parents. We had one parent fighting in the war in Iraq and we were able to send him the report card the same day his wife saw it and that was truly amazing to him and to us!

Last year, we explored having student's grades online in the "live" format not just historical grades. This means that as teachers enter grades into their gradebooks, they appear online.  Since teachers are not becoming more comfortable with this new format, we will offer this feature all the time during this school year. Remember, grades don't magically appear after a test is given, that test still needs to be graded by hand and then that teacher needs to find the time to post the grades, so we do appreciate your patience in this matter.

To access Powerschool as a parent or student, type in this location in the address field of your browser: http://powerschool,maranacook.org/public
Type in the Student ID and password that were mailed home to you. If you can’t remember the ID or password, check with your school secretary in person. We will not send this information via e-mail or over the phone due to the confidential nature of the data.

If you don’t have Internet access at home and would like to log in to your student's account, contact the school to make arrangements to use the school computers. Our goal is to promote positive communication between school and home which ultimately leads to more effective student programming and outcomes. We hope we have achieved this goal and would appreciate your feedback.


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