Hour of Code!

Manchester and Wayne Elementary Hour of Code

Over the last 2 weeks, the students at Manchester and Wayne have been participating in the Hour of Code.  We have been having so much fun! The students are engaged and working together to make some amazing projects.  The younger kids have been using Kodable, which has them take a fuzz and direct it through a maze collecting stars along the way.  Each level gets progressively harder and the kids are doing a great job at understanding what coding is all about.  The older kids are using sites like Scratch, Scratch Jr., Tynker, and hour of code.  Some of the popular activities being used this year are  The Grinch, Minecraft  and the definite favorite is “Create your own dance party.” The kids love this activity! They have 3 or 4 different characters that they have to code. They have to change the music, change the dance moves on different measures, and resize the characters to make them into backup dancers.  The kids love it! 

Also at Wayne in the 4/5 class, we started working on a Greek mythology project in Scratch.  By borrowing iPads from other classes, each student has an iPad to work with. They are creating characters that they have been studying by taking pictures from books and the internet and editing them to fit into Scratch.  Then they are making 3-4 scenes.  They have to move their characters around in the scene by coding and they are recording their voice to show their knowledge of these mythical characters.  

We are having a great time in the computer labs!