The health center offers a variety of services and our goal is to meet the health needs of all students and provide support so that students are healthy and in school. In an effort to cut down on traffic from students who do not have urgent needs, health center staff developed the following guidelines for appropriate use:

  • Unless you have an appointment, take daily medication or there is an emergency (e.g. serious bleeding or vomiting), there is no need to leave during class to go to the health center - minor problems can wait.
  • Minor problems should be taken care of before school or during lunch to avoid being late for the next class.
  • If you are coming to the health center from class you need a “pass” from your teacher. If you do not have a pass, health center staff will ask you to return for a pass (unless it’s an emergency, of course).
  • Walk-ins are welcome. However, you are encouraged to make an appointment to see the nurse practitioner, athletic trainer or health center counselors. Stop in before school starts or during lunch to set up appointments.
  • Please make an appointment with the school nurse if you need more than 5 or 10 minutes.
  • If you have an appointment, you need to show your appointment pass to your classroom teacher (you will get your appointment pass during advisee time) - health center staff will do their best to schedule appointments during your free time (if you have any).