Maranacook School-Based Health Center

Open 7:30 am - 3:00 pm every day school is in session

The Maranacook School-Based Health Center takes great pride in its reputation as a model School-Based Health Center having served students for almost 30 years!

We offer all students in grades 6-12 a broad range of medical and counseling services. Our school nurses are in everyday- all day at the middle school and at the high school. In addition to school nursing services, the health center offers ‘Expanded Medical and Counseling Services’ for families who choose this option.Acute medical care services, delivered in the School Based Health Center, are provided and billed for just as they are in your doctor’s office. Minor illnesses and injuries can be assessed and treated at school – if a prescription is required to treat the illness, the nurse practitioner can order it from the pharmacy of your choice. Students can be seen at school, missing less class time, and parents don't need to transport their children to the doctor's office.

The mission of the Health Center is to provide support for the optimal physical and mental health of MCS students by providing access to a comprehensive array of treatment services, health information and referral services. Our aim is to keep students healthy; reduce time lost from school; teach healthy lifestyle practices, and detect and treat problems and illnesses before they become serious. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own health care.

MaineGeneral Medical Center has partnered with Maranacook since the inception of the School Based Health Center to provide medical oversight of services.

The Maranacook School-Based Health Center is an extension of MaineGeneral Medical Center.

Through this partnership, MaineGeneral will provide the expanded medical services portion of our services including nurse practitioners visits, billing services, and utilization of the Electronic Medical Record. The service your child receives will follow the same billing process, including co-pay, deductibles, etc. as they would when you see your Primary Care Physician/Pediatrician. As a courtesy, the co-pay will be billed to parents, not collected at the School-Based Health Center. As a reminder, the bill will come from Maine General Medical Center and not Maranacook School-Based Health Center.

Questions?  Call 685-4923, x1019.