The Alternative Program at Maranacook is available to high school students whose educational needs are not being met in the regular school setting. Student programs are self-paced and designed according to the individual needs and interests of the student. Students can be considered for the alternative program. Students contact the guidance counselor for an application and description of the program requirements.


Junior and senior students may attend Capitol Area Technical Center for specialized programs. Acceptance into these programs is through an application process that starts with course sign-ups in the spring. Students who attend the technical center are expected to maintain the same attendance requirements as all other MCS students and use bus transportation to and from the technical center. Students in these programs are expected to be active members of their advisee groups and attend all advisee functions including homeroom, class meetings, and advisee activities.

Auto Collision Technology
Printing Technology
Machine Tool and Manufacturing Technology
Automotive Technology I (1/2 day)
Automotive Technology II (1/2 day)
Building Construction
Early Childhood Occupations (1/2 day)
Health Occupations (1/2 day)
Drafting Technology
Culinary Arts
Plumbing and Heating
Law Enforcement (full day)
Cooperative Education
The Learning Center
Biotechnology (1/2 day)
Computer Technology (1/2 day)
Technical English
New Dimensions (for young parents)
Diversified Occupations


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(Refer to Individualized Education Program Policy IHBA, Referral/Pre-Referral Policy IHBAA,Referral/Pre-Referral Procedures IHBAA-R, Children Identification Policy IHBAC, Title I Policy IHBD)
The high school offers a continuum of services to meet the needs of individual students. Students are included in regular classrooms with additional support from the learning center. Specialized instruction in reading, writing, organizational skills and life skills are provided on an individual basis. Participation in these programs is determined through the special education process. Please refer to the district’s website (
www. for Special Education Rights and Process policies and information.


Students who might not qualify for formalized developmental services may still receive assistance in the school’s Learning Center. Students can be assigned for study hall periods or, with permission, may be released from class for help with academic work.