End of School Announcement

May 7, 2020

RE: End of School Announcement

Dear Students, Families, and Staff,

My last communication with you talked about leaving open the possibility of returning to school.  Sadly, this is not going to be a possibility for this school year.  Based on guidance that I have received we need to make plans to end the school year under the current directives set forth from Governor Mills and the Department of Education Commissioner Pender Makin.  As I write this letter I am reviewing typical end of year activities at all schools and feeling an overwhelming sense of loss for those celebrations, activities, and traditions that helped bring closure to the school year for our students, their families and our Maranacook Area Schools staff. It is a difficult decision to make when I know it will cause anxiety and discomfort and cause us all to mourn the loss of what should have been a time of celebration.  The “we are in this together” campaign holds out the promise of acknowledging these difficult times while pointing us to the fact that better days are going to come.

The end date for student instruction is going to be Friday, June 5.  However, students and teachers will have the days of Monday, June 8th through Wednesday, June 10th to bring closure to the school year. During these last 3 days no new work will be assigned, it will be a time to turn in technology, finish and pass in work, and/or provide an opportunity for teachers and students to say goodbye before the start of the summer break.  The official end date for students is Wednesday, June 10. 

In the near future building administrators will be reaching out to you to schedule a time to return laptops and other devices, return school materials, and allow students to collect personal items that may still be at their respective schools.  I hope by providing you this information it affords students, families and our staff opportunity to plan for a definitive end day.  If you should have any questions concerning the end of instruction or material pick up/drop off please reach out to your building administrators.  


James Charette

Superintendent of Schools