At Home Supported Learner Update

October 16, 2020

RE: At Home Support Supported Learners

Good afternoon,

I would like to take this opportunity to provide an update to the families in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade who have chosen At Home Supported Learning as an alternative to in person instruction.  

  • On Wednesday, October 14th the Board of Directors accepted a nomination of Amy Tucker to act as the teacher of the At Home Supported Learner option. (She has been working to get the necessary logistics into place to begin reaching out to families.)

  • Mrs. Tucker will be working 1 day per week and her primary responsibility will be providing a learning plan for families.  The plans will include digital resources, project based learning, and lessons connected to RSU 38 curriculum. At a pre-arranged time she may provide opportunities to bring learners together via a digital platform at various times.

  • We have four Educational Technicians working with Mrs. Tucker. These Ed Techs will be reaching out to students and families on Wednesdays at a pre-arranged time to check in on progress, provide tips and suggestions as well as help with accessing resources. (The Ed Tech reaching out to you will be consistent.)

  • Seesaw will be the primary communication point so we ask that you check this platform daily. Work and resources will be shared via this platform at all grade levels.  If you need help logging into Seesaw please reach out as soon as possible. Mrs. Tucker will also use parent email as a primary way to communicate so we ask that you check often and let her know if an email address changes in any way.

  • You should have picked up your child's iPad (k-4) or laptop (Grade 5) to access the digital resources and curriculum documents.

  • As we begin this program communication is the key to success, please reach out directly to Mrs. Tucker should you have any concerns.  Her school email is

It is important to note that parents will be the key partners in delivering content and monitoring progress on the learning plans. Mrs. Tucker is the expert who will be guiding the plans but it is incumbent upon parents to follow through with this age group as young learners need a high level of support with learning activities.

Thank you for your patience as we have worked through this process.  With Mrs. Tucker leading this work I am expecting the program will provide sound academic opportunities for children who have chosen to learn from home.


James Charette

Superintendent of School