excavator picture

The Awesome Bear Society is making excellent progress in the MARANACOOK ATHLETIC & RECREATION EXPANSION PROJECT!

The week of June 15th saw the completion of major steps towards construction of restrooms in the concession courtyard. With assistance from Maine Equipment Rental, Shaun Drinkwater and Cushing Construction, the site around the concession stand has had all stumps, shrubs, old benches and old concrete super pavers removed and disposed of off site. With final engineering/construction plans due in by the end of June, it is hoped that actual construction will begin later this summer! Huge thank you's go out to Maine Equipment Rental, Shaun Drinkwater and Cushing Construction for their donations of delivery/pickup, operation and clean up/disposal of the courtyard area!! It is community support like this that helps bring such projects to life - THANK YOU!!!!

For more information about MARANACOOK ATHLETIC & RECREATION EXPANSION PROJECT, please visit  www.awesomebearsociety.com.