Reopening Update 8-21-2020

August 21, 2020

RE: Update to Students, Staff, parents and communities

Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Communities,

RSU 38 schools are busily preparing for the return of our students.  There are many details to work through and many of them are specific to what particular building(s) your child(ren) will be attending.  It is going to be very important that you communicate and reach out to the schools directly with specific questions.  We all have them and communication is the key to successful problem solving especially in these very uncertain times.

There are many questions about what at home learning support will look like.  In all transparency we are working out the details of such a plan, we are essentially building a school within a school for those requesting a fully stay at home option.  There are many considerations that must be worked through to give a clearly developed picture of such an option.  The goal is to deliver RSU #38 curriculum which meets our high standards. We are working as quickly as possible but please understand we have limited resources.  If you have questions they should be sent directly to your child’s building administrator for consideration.  

Thank you to all the families that have answered our questionnaire.  This information has been extremely helpful in guiding our work.  Those that were unable to answer the survey questions can expect contact from the building they attend to gather the needed information.  We are working to plan transportation routes based on the information in the survey, I encourage you to reach out again to your child’s school once you have made decisions around transportation especially for those who responded they were uncertain of their family plan. The process of planning bus runs is a complex process and we appreciate people’s patience as we gather and coordinate the necessary information.  We expect to begin sharing transportation specific information the week of Aug 31st.

As you may be aware we continue to work on such topics as devices at the elementary level, DOE mandated daily health screening for students and staff, food service protocols, connectivity for those families that need assistance, and a myriad of other details. We will be providing information on all of these details and many others as soon as possible.  Please visit and click on the red covid19 link for updates and/or visit your child’s school page for information specific to that building.

As we move closer to reopening our goal is to provide you timely, accurate, and relevant information.  This is an unprecedented challenge for schools and we all work to keep safety at the forefront of this reopening process.  There is no roadmap, we are creating new processes and protocols.  If anything is confusing, we expect it may be at times, please reach out to the appropriate source for clarification.  We are in this together and expect issues and challenges along the way. By working together we can overcome and solve anything that may arise during this time.  Reach out we are here to work with you! 


James Charette