Message from RSU 38 Board of Directors

We, the RSU #38 Board of Directors, voted at the March 17, 2021 budget meeting for a change of leadership. We are hopeful that with new leadership, we can use this as an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the RSU#38 Mission to be “a caring school community dedicated to excellence.” 

Our Board is committed to addressing the challenges that face our school community concerning safety and health for students and staff during this pandemic. We are working to address the growing mental health crisis due to the events in the last year, while keeping in mind the academic needs of all students due to remote and hybrid instruction. We strive to be an inclusive district that is transparent, equitable, and fully student centered.

We encourage students, parents, community members and stakeholders to participate in our meetings. We want to clearly state that all voices are important to us through the decision-making process and welcome opportunities for discussion concerning the challenges we face.  We welcome all ideas, comments and suggestions.

At this time, Vice Chair, Wendy Brotherlin, will be acting as Chair of the Board of Directors.  At the April 7, 2021 Board of Directors meeting, a new chair will be elected. In the short term, contact Jay Charette, Superintendent of Schools or Vice Chair, Wendy Brotherlin, with any questions or concerns.