vaccine picture

Dear families of students 12 and older, 

We are offering a school-located vaccine clinic for our students aged 12+ to provide the COVID-19 Vaccine. Like our partners, Northern Light Health, we believe that vaccine should be available to all and encourage participation.

The date of the vaccine is Monday 5/17, it will be provided between the hours of 8:30AM - 1PM. The vaccine provided will be Pfizer.  The 2nd dose will be Monday 6/7.

To secure a vaccine for your child, please email Northern Light Health at who will send you an electronic consent form, which includes screening questions, and also a copy of the  Pfizer information sheet ( a fact sheet on the vaccine for you to review). We will need you (parent/guardian only) to complete this form. If the registration form is not complete, your child will not be vaccinated. If you have insurance please complete that section (although the vaccine is free there are administration fees that insurance covers). As with the flu vaccine, Northern Light will not turn away those without insurance. If you are unable to complete an online form for any reason, please contact (school nurse) to have a paper form sent home.

 We must have your email address by Thursday 5/13.  Once you receive the form, it should be completed and returned by Friday 5/14.

 You may also visit our website,, for links to the form and information sheets which are also available in multiple languages.

Our goal is to provide access to all eligible students.  If your child is not regularly in school on the vaccine clinic days and needs transportation, please contact Health Center Director Sarah Morrill at for information and assistance.  

Thank you!