November 12, 2021

RE: RSU #38 Friday Update

Dear Staff, Students, and Families,

This letter is to update  the status of  RSU #38 schools and contains other important information please read in its entirety.   All schools will be returning to in person learning Monday, Nov. 15 (This includes Manchester, Mount Vernon and Readfield Elementary schools.)

Included here is covid information for the district through the date of this letter:

Pool Testing will be beginning first at the middle school on Tuesday, November 16th. Please see the middle school newsletter for specific details.  Readfield Elementary is on track to begin pool testing on Nov. 30th, more details to follow shortly.

  • Pooled Testing is a system in which groups of students--usually classes--self-swab their lower nasal cavities on a certain day of the week. All swabs from the group are combined into one specimen which is sent to a central testing facility. The schools are notified in 48 hours whether any specimen is positive. Individuals in the identified group are then re-tested. Those in the group who re-test negative do not have to quarantine. 

  • We are hoping for high participation among staff and students to keep everyone from unnecessary quarantines when they are not sick. To do this, we need you to consent to your or your child’s test. Giving consent is quick and easy. Simply contact your school nurse 

Vaccine clinics are being offered for students 12 and over at the high school on 11/22 and 12/14.  The middle school will be hosting a vaccine clinic for those students under 12 on 11/19. Please reach out to your school nurse for more information on these opportunities.

Finally, congratulations to the Maranacook High School girls on winning the class C Soccer State Championship.  Best of luck to the Maranacook Community High Boys Football team as they go for the 8 on 8 State Championship!  Go Bears!


James Charette

Superintendent of Schools