March 18, 2022

Dear Staff, Students, and Families,

This letter is to update Covid case information for the time period of March 6th thru today's date. 

The Maine DOE updated their Standard Operating Procedure and is located here. Please note RSU #38 is no longer doing close contract tracing as you review the SOP.  

I will no longer be providing weekly or bi-weekly updates around covid cases.  I will continue collecting weekly numbers and report monthly at the first business meeting of the month at the Board of Directors meeting through the remainder of this school year.  Conversely, if the cases start climbing or other developments demand periodic updates I will return to weekly updates for the community.

Thank you to our staff, students, parents and communities as we continue to address covid related issues to keep schools open, students and staff healthy as well as return to  normal activities and events. We are excited by the coming spring season and all it brings!  Have a wonderful weekend!


Jay Charette