picture of Jay and Anya

Meet Anya Davidson,  the School Nurse for Maranacook Community High School,  who is receiving an Employee Recognition Certificate from the Maranacook Education Foundation.  Anya was nominated by a colleague for this honor who highlighted her amazing commitment to keep the students and staff healthy and safe over these past few years. She has guided staff and families through the pandemic and without her leadership, it would have been much more difficult for the Maranacook Community.  Our Superintendent, Jay Charette, is presenting the certificate to Anya.  

The Foundation believes, and we’re sure that many in the  community agree, that we have excellent employees in our school district who provide outstanding educational and support services to the students we serve. In an effort to show appreciation for their service, we created a process to recognize employees each month. Recipients for this recognition are randomly selected from employees nominated for their excellent efforts by fellow staff, parents, students, and community members. Each recipient receives a small honorarium and most importantly, the public recognition they so richly deserve. Those nominated can be teachers, administrators, coaches, and support staff who work in every department in the district. Please use this link to complete the nomination form if you would like to make your admired employee a candidate for this recognition.

Congratulations Anya!