Brant Remington
Director of Student Services/Athletic Director Ext. 1045
Andie Smith
Admin. Assistant to Co-curricular. Ext.1023
Carolyn Gross
MS Field Hockey
Middle School
Tonya Reay
Spring Sports
Matt Lajoie
MS Track
Spring Sports
Josh Reynolds
MS Alpine Ski Coach
Pat Norwood
Athletic Trainer
High School
Zach Bessette
HS JV Boys Lacrosse
High School
Shawn Drillen
HS V Girls Lacrosse
High School
Jacob Bessey
HS Football Assistant
High School
Kyle Dennett
HS V Boys Lacrosse
High School
Louis Gingras
HS Girls Tennis
High School
Matt Anderson
HS Boys Tennis
High School
Mark Dennett
HS Track and Field Assistant
High School
Ed Bowie
HS JV Baseball
High School
Scott Despres
HS JV Girls Basketball
High School
Ryan Meserve
HS Golf
High School
Aaron McClure
HS JV Boys Basketball
High School
Jordan DeMillo
HS V Football
High School
Ashley Work
HS V Field Hockey
High School
Jay Nutting
HS Cross Country
High School
Don Beckwith
HS V Boys Soccer/HS V Softball
High School
Mike Boyman
HS Track
Kelly Brooks
MS Cross Country/Track
Eric Brown
HS Boys V Baseball
Steve DeAngelis
HS Nordic Skiing
Ronn Gifford
HS Alpine Skiing/HS Track
Amy Jones
MS Soccer/MS Basketball/HS JV Girls Sofball
Karen Magnusson
JV Girls Soccer/ V Girls Basketball
Travis Magnusson
Girls V. Soccer/ Boys V. Basketball
Tom Radcliff
MS Boys Soccer/MS Boys Basketball/MS Boys Baseball
Jill Watson
Unified HS BasketBall